Rapidform XOR, the only 3G (third-generation) reverse engineering software, is a complete software application for creating CAD models from 3D scan data. With Rapidform XOR, you can open data from any 3D scanner and quickly create editable, parametric solid models of virtually any physical object. These models can be transferred from XOR into popular CAD applications, including SolidWorks®, Siemens NX™ and Pro/ENGINEER®, with complete feature trees intact. This means that – unlike second generation reverse engineering software – the models from XOR are editable just like any other part designed in CAD. And XOR can save models as Parasolid®, STP, IGS and STL for use in any CAD/CAM/CAE application.

The third-generation parametric reverse engineering approach inside XOR makes creating high quality, ready to manufacture CAD models fast and easy. Creating complete solid models accurate to within a few microns of a 3D scan takes less time than redrawing it in CAD. XOR, paired with a 3D scanner, is simply the fastest, most accurate way to create a design model of a real-world object.

A Graet Time & Cost Saver Saving 80% + over Conventional Reverse Design Workflow
The design process and user interface in Rapidform XOR/Redesign have been developed to be instantly familiar to users of popular CAD applications, leading to incredible time savings over traditional reverse engineering software while simultaneously creating output in the form of parametric CAD solid models. Time savings can be realized through:

  • Easy to Use
    A reduced learning curve through the use of a familiar CAD interface and design process
  • A Great Time Saver
    A design process that removes the time consuming requirement of cleaning the scan data of a part
  • All-in-one
    A single software solution that fulfills the scan data processing , mesh healing and CAD modeling needs
  • Automated
    An intelligent tool that automatically extracts design feature parameters from 3D scan data - Redesign Assistant
  • Removes doubt
    A buit in, real time deviation analysis tool - Accuracy Analyzer
  • Easy Aligment
    A smart tool that intelligently indentifies and aligns 3D scan data to an ideal design coordinate system - Align Wizard

XOR/ Redesign